Beer Run by Tiger Air

100 Free flights to be given away*
Discount flight vouchers up to NT $2000* for every participant!**

  • Tigerrun beer & free tickets

Don’t miss the Beer run, Saturday, 23rd September 2017! To celebrate Tiger Air’s 3rd annual run, we are giving away 100 free flight tickets overseas once again~ Plus complete the run to instantly receive a discount flight voucher, worth up to NT $2000, lowest NT $700! Join now to receive a hilarious beer hat or a designer sports carry pack, an exclusive designers T-shirt, chance to taste beers from Tiger Air’s direct flight locations: Japan, Korea and Thailand, other craft beer tasting, a discount flight voucher, and SO MUCH MORE!!!

  • Original beer run ticket value: $1499
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Race Info

Date: Saturday 23rd September, 2017
Time: 16:00-19:00
Location: Luzhou Music Square Click for directions…
Age: 18+ and above

Organized by WorldShare Events Taipei, Taiwan: The organizer reserves the right to make any changes to the event or location, any changes made will be announced on our official page.

If you are having any problems with booking, and need help in English, please contact us at:
The Beer Run Taipei, Taiwan features lots of beer, a fun run, and more beers.

Terms and Conditions

Flight coupon terms of use and conditions are as follows:

  • 1. Flights must be booked between: 2017/10/1 ~ 2017/12/31
  • 2. Travelling time frame is between: 2017/10/1 ~ 2018/3/25
  • 3. Discounts cannot be applied during:
    2017/10/3 ~ 2017/10/11
    2017/12/23 ~ 2018/1/2
    2018/2/13 ~ 2018/2/22
    2018/2/24 ~ 2018/3/2
  • 4. Lost or overdue flight coupons, will be automatically forfeited, no replacements will be issued; Resale, changes in schedule, refund and cash exchanges are strictly prohibited.
  • 5. Each coupon is limited to one booking only.
  • 6. Coupon may only be redeemed on discount fares, and cannot be applied for taxes, booking fees, additional service fees. Customers must cover any applicable fees, including airport taxes, registration fees and booking fees (Estimated NT$215 per person)
  • 7. Additional service charges, which the coupon does not cover, shall be paid pay by credit card when booking.
  • 8. Flight coupon only redeemable by coupon holder, on Tiger Air flights (Flight numbers beginning with IT). Once coupon is applied and booking confirmed, flight destinations cannot be changed or refunded. Any changes follow Tiger Air Taiwan’s regular protocol. Tiger Air Taiwan reserves the right to final interpretations and decisions of all matter.
  • 9. The Republic of China in accordance with Article 88 of the Income Tax Act declares, if prize amount exceeds NT $20,000 (ie Flights face value, depending on the value of these varies), the operating company will withhold 10% tax. Tax withholding does not apply to prize amounts under NT$2000, but any residents with income must declare income taxes. For Non-residents, the operating company will withhold 20% tax.

Runners Pack

  • Hilarious Beer Hat package
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  • Designer Sports carry pack
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  • Size Chart

* T-shirt measurements that vary an inch to the referred chart is within the acceptable production range.


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